The German Science System

Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 29, 2021

The German Science System

Research in Germany has an excellent reputation - and rightly so. Behind the innovation power leading to patents, new processes and products, is a complex system of universities, research institutes and societies, federal ministries and agencies funding research and supporting young scientists.

Chances are you are part of the complex German research landscape without having been provided with a proper map. Let’s change that! Our new online course takes a deep dive into the German science system. Our aim is to connect the dots between the various institutions and give an overview of funding opportunities and potential stepstones for your career.

The online course consists of four sections. Starting October 4th, one section will be made available per week. Course participants can watch the pre-recorded videos and look at the accompanying materials of each section at their own pace. We estimate a time requirement of 1.5 – 2 .5 hours per week.


Week 1

Part I: Introduction to the German science system

Part II: Performance and structures of the German science system

Week 2

Part III: Universities / Universities of applied sciences

Part IV: Non-university research / research societies
(Max Planck, Fraunhofer, Leibniz, Helmholtz, …)

Week 3

Part V: Funding organisations
(BMBF, BMEL, DFG, DAAD, foundations, academies)

Part VI: Overview of funding opportunities for young scientists

Week 4

Part VII: Research and funding in the corporate sector


Participation in the course is open and free of charge for all scientists. A certificate of participation can be provided upon request after completion of the course.

To join the online course, please log into your PLANT 2030 ACADEMY account and follow the link below. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one using THIS LINK.

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