PLANT 2030 ACADEMY Mentoring

PLANT 2030 ACADEMY Mentoring

The PLANT 2030 ACADEMY offers a mentoring program for early stage plant scientists. In the course of one year, mentoring tandems meet and discuss issues of professional and personal development. Seminars and documents accompany the program to facilitate fruitful mentoring relationsships.

While participants in the mentoring program chose their own mentors, PLANT 2030 ACADEMY helps to establish the contact, get the mentoring phase started and provides guidance to ensure both, mentee and mentor, get the most out of this program.

Why mentoring?

Mentoring is a proven and effective instrument for the targeted promotion of young scientists. It comprises the informal transfer of experience and knowledge and on the individual support of an early career scientist (mentee) by a more experienced person (mentor).

Mentoring is a process that focuses on the protected relationship between mentor and mentee - a process in which exchange, learning and experimentation take place. Potential skills and new competences can be developed.

You want to stay updated on the mentoring program?

A new mentoring phase is planned for 2023, the preparation is starting autumn 2022.

If you are a student, PhD student or PostDoc working in plant science, simply create a PLANT 2030 ACADEMY account and join the mailing list. We will keep you informed on new events an plans for the next mentoring phase.

You will also find more information in the mentoring guide which you can download using the link at the end of this page.

Taking part

Taking part


You are interested in the mentoring program?

You are not sure if the mentoring program is the right choice for you or how to pick a mentor that can boost your professional and personal development?

The online kick-off event marked the beginning of a new mentoring phase and asnwers these questions. If you missed it, you may still catch up, exept for the live Q&A session.

You want to join the mentoring program?

Let us know via email:

We will lead you through the program and help you finding a mentor.

Mentoring Programm 2023

A new round of the PLANT 2030 ACADEMY mentoring program is about to start. The preparation begins with the online kick-off event in autumn 2022.

The mentoring cooperation itself will start in 2023 and end approximately May 2024.

If you are interested in the mentoring program, join the kick-off event!

Mentoring documents

for mentees and mentors of the PLANT 2030 ACADEMY

Mentoring Guide

The PLANT 2030 ACADEMY mentoring guide introduces main aspects of mentoring, outlines the mentoring program and gives hints for a fruitful mentoring relationship.

Mentoring Worksheets

The PLANT 2030 ACADEMY mentoring worksheets help setting goals for the mentoring cooperation, finding a matching mentor and preparing the mentoring relationship.